Is Online Gambling Malaysia Legal?

Any gambling that is conducted over the internet is termed as online gambling. it basically involves the use of internet to earn money by placing bets.

Although it is restricted in many countries, it is legal in some states of USA, some Caribbean states, and in India it is a state subject, that is the states create their own laws to regulate gambling.

Forms of online gambling:

The various forms of online gambling prevalent are online casinos, poker, sports betting, lotteries etc. In online casinos people play games such as blackjack, roulette etc. Online poker offers games such as seven- card stud, where players earn money by playing against each other. Sports betting involve placing of bets by predicting the outcome of a match.

How is the fund transferred?

Usually the money for online gambling comes from credit cards, money transfers and crypto currencies. The gamblers put their funds in the online gambling platform, play the bets and cash their winnings.

Now the next pertinent question that comes is, what are the risks associated with online gambling?

Online gambling is pretty tempting, but it is associated with a number of risks.

The gaming platforms are available 24×7, which leads to maladaptive Neuro-plasticity among the players. Many players often tend to lose track of the money they are betting. It leads to addiction if not taken under control, and is generally seen to affect the youth.

Secondly, many fraudulent gambling websites are present, which take advantage of the players. Thirdly, there are cyber security issues. As the gambling sites can be unregulated, personal details including credit card numbers, bank account numbers become accessible to the hackers and scammers.

In conclusion, it can be said that

Although this seems to be a very promising industry, as the revenue earned from it is huge, but there are reasons such as lack of specific, unified laws that makes the progress difficult. This can be regulated by designing apps that are more regulated, abide by the government rules and also takes into consideration the wants of the users. Thus, online gambling malaysia holds the potential of becoming a beneficial industry if the government keeps an eye on the activity and make laws accordingly.The history of poker dates back to ancient China and Persia—where it was first played with dice. Later on, it was brought back to Europe by Portuguese traders and explorers who brought the game over with them when they settled in Macau in China (now part of China).